meme.market lets anyone create a memecoin. you also can create memes to earn memecoins there too.

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It has become a very crazy market

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Great insights

I think grassroots is a key factor for both vibrant and lasting memecoin

I would like to read you though apecoin

IMO was bad executed

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ok, you may have convinced me that memecoins can have a purpose

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In Limitless https://twitter.com/LimitlessFi_ traders can leverage long or short memecoins, while allowing memecoin holders to generate yield with their tokens

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It looks like much does happen there.

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Agree, add some thoughts. AI will disrupt the search advertising market within five years. Even web2 companies and influencers will use memecoins for their GTM strategies or to profit from the valuation of their narratives.

Typically, we search for solutions to problems as an intermediate step:

1. Define the Problem

2. Search for Information

3. Derive a Solution

I’ve replaced the "search" step with AI, cutting problem-solving time by 90%. Now, I spend more time refining and precisely defining problems, echoing Lincoln’s “sharpening the axe” analogy. By focusing on what I want and asking the right questions, AI provides smarter answers.

In the next five years, people will be divided into those who use AI tools and those who don’t. As AI adoption grows, the current search advertising market will collapse. Memecoins will play a role in this shift. Influencers and large companies will enter the memecoin market for promotion, despite skepticism similar to early criticisms of Bitcoin. Most low-quality memecoins will disappear, but the memecoin industry will continue to grow and get into different level

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I have been thinking the same thing and started writing about how mimesis is tribalism and safety. Token holding definitely is a way of providing identity.

What is unclear is the financialization. I think perhaps something new is emerging: value in shared beliefs. But it’s early and fraught.

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Interesting read, wonder if rewarding memecoin hodlers in our game with memecoin related wearables would work…


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